Action Trackchair Hawk

Our all-terrain wheelchairs go through a rigorous controlled ability test as well as real-world testing and demanding conditions. This involves mud, sand, snow, and water.The testing was designed to break it so you don’t. To survive the brutal testing the Action Trackchair demanded durability capability and an innovative design. The Action Trackchair is designed to provide freedom and independence to as many people as possible.

Standard Features

The FDA Cleared Action Trackchair® Hawk is a perfect combination of narrow width (only 29 ½” wide) and the optional ability to stand upright from a seated position. The Action Trackchair® Hawk will accommodate a person 45” to 65” tall and up to 175 pounds. The unique design and adjustability will allow the Hawk to grow and change with you. With the standing option, the Hawk allows you to move around in both the seated or standing position.






This is the right chair for:

  • Those seeking a Trackchair built to precise FDA specifications, providing superior seating comfort.
  • Individuals that are looking to pass through doorways.
  • Those that would like to transport an Action Trackchair in a handicap accessible vehicle.
  • Standing option is an upgrade that can be added to this chair if desired.

Customize your chair

We've taken our all-terrain wheelchairs to the next level. You can make them your own by customizing the frame color and seat to match your lifestyle and personality.

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Options for everyone

Available Models

The Action Trackchair® HAWK series is a sleek unit that is only 29 1/2″ wide so it can take you almost anywhere! Drive it into your van and venture off to sporting events, shopping and so much more. The key to this revolutionary new design is “versatility through adjustability”. Armrests adjust both up/down as well as in and out and they also flip up to aid in transferring. The seat back cushion can be re-positioned up/down and the entire backrest can be moved fore and aft. These unique adjustments are there to suit your individual needs. With dozens of color combinations and accessories, five different sizes, and a variety of modifications available, each Action Trackchair® can be customized to fit your needs.

See all model dimensions

Model HAWK 16

Seat Width: 16"

Seat Depth: 16"

Total Width: 29.5"

Model HAWK 18

Seat Width: 18"

Seat Depth: 16"

Total Width: 29.5"

Model HAWK 20

Seat Width: 20"

Seat Depth: 16"

Total Width: 29.5"

Model HAWK 22

Seat Width: 22"

Seat Depth: 16"

Total Width: 29.5"

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Additional information

Chair Specifications


Seat Tilt

Forward and Backward (not available with standup option)


1 Year Parts & Labor


3 Years on Welding & Track


Zinc Primer To Prevent Rusting







400 lbs. Estimated

Weight Capacity

250 lbs

Seat Height


Seat Depth


Ground Clearance


Track Size

6.5" x 90"



3 MPH. Approximate


Up to 7 Miles

Turning Radius


Drive Train


2 - 12V Batteries

Control System

Curtis enAble 40


24V DC

Battery Charger

20 AMP

Accessories and customization

Gear up for any adventure

Action Trackchair believes in providing their users with the ultimate freedom and mobility. With this in mind we offer a wide variety of accessories to fit your lifestyle and needs. Whether it be a cup holder, snow plow attachment or fishing rod holder, we provide our users with the tools they need for the next adventure.

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